Khaled Holmes Q & A: Former USC Football Captain, Future NFLer, And A Double-Major Graduate With A Master’s Degree


DC: What’s something you’ll miss about USC?

KH: There are many things I am going to miss about my time at USC. This university has provided me with so many opportunities on and off the field and I have truly enjoyed my entire time here. With that being said, I will miss the time I was fortunate enough to spend with my teammates more than anything – whether that is practice time, training, meeting and of course playing games together.

DC: What’s something that has surprised you about the transition from student-athlete to professional?

KH: I have been fortunate to see my brother and brother-in-law make the same transition, and their experience and advice has been invaluable during this process. At the same time, I have still been surprised by how little I know about what is going to happen this weekend at the draft. I have a general sense of which teams might be interested, but it is nearly impossible to know where you will end up and when your name will be called. Not knowing just adds to the excitement, as I cannot wait to find out where I am going!

DC: You and Matt Barkley have played together for a long time. What’s your relationship like?

KH: We have known each other since 6th grade and I have been blocking for him since my sophomore year in high school at Mater Dei. We have always been good friends, but have grown even closer with our time at USC together, especially with the Center-Quarterback relationship. I am just as excited for him with the upcoming draft (and his wedding!!) as I am for myself and I cannot wait to see him excel in the NFL.

DC: What’s something everyone needs to know about offensive linemen?

KH: Offensive lineman often have a stigma of being big, ugly, nasty guys doing all the dirty work up front…and, we are just that. BUT, at the same time, we are without a doubt the smartest guys on the field and tend to be a lot more down-to-earth off the field compared to other positions.

DC: If you weren’t preparing for the draft and a career in football, what would you be doing?

That is a great question. I have been working towards the dream of playing in the NFL for a very long time and could not imagine doing anything else right now, at least. However, I was fortunate to complete a double major in Classics and Communication as well as a master’s degree in Communication Management, so I feel like I have prepared myself for life after football, which is unfortunately inevitable.